Welcome to Project Volvo


Welcome to Project Volvo

General Stuffcrash writes "Finally after 4 and a half months of being in the shop my "Project Volvo" is done. We did a lot....we dropped the trans, replaced the clutch, replaced the steering rack, tie rod ends, just about all the gaskets on the engine block, in tank fuel pump, all the filters, most of the seals, brakes was a big one...4 rotors, 4 callipers, new pads and a new master cylinder, pcv valve not too big a deal, spark plugs, packed the bearings, shocks and struts, new hoses, belts, and I think that’s about it..... Now that I know how the drop a transmission dropping the one on my next project car will not be hard. I have to drop a new engine in my Camaro, btu that is a different project for another website.... If any one is doing anything I did there are some tricks and ways around thing so please let me know I would love to help you out...

Thanks as always for reading,

3 months too long

General Stuffcrash writes " Its been 3 months since the tow truck brought the Volvo in to the shop. And out of that 3 months we have only worked on it for about 1.

Problem found......it was the pumps both the main and the intank. To fix the main all we had to do was hit it with a hammer a few times to losen everything up..now it works great. The in take however was messed up bad the pump, filter, float were all shot, the sending unit was also but we cleaned it up and we have not tested yet but i think it will work.

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So Close

General Stuffcrash writes "Well, the Volvo as now been at the shop for two months......I hurts.... We went to start it a few days ago and well..it did not start, so we troubleshot it and we are not getting fuel. Now we have to figure out if it is the pumps or what... after an unwelcome week long break we are finally going to get back in the shop this Weds. I hope we can clean the pumps and thats it no more problems..

I would say we replaced most the stuff on that car. After we are doin and it is on the road and I put my sound system and clean her up I will give you a complete list of all the stuff we did, and most of you will be most suprised at all of it.

Once agian thanks for reading and if any of you have any tips on anything about that car ('85 244 GL) please let me know,


General Stuffcrash writes "We currently have my 1985 volvo 240 GL up on the lift. Her trans is on the shop floor and all the steering stuff is off. We still have to replace the steering rack. And for anyone who has to replace the steering rack there are two kinds the ZF model and some other. Make sure you have the right one we did not get the right one and that costed us a day. And a tip if you are were any seals are you might as well replace them. She is coming together nicely. And I hope we will have her down by the end of the week. If any one has any tips please email me at atl_bravesfan@hotmail.com. Thank you, Crash"

Project Car

General Stuffcrash writes "I am currently working only my first car a 1985 240 GL 4-door sedan 4 on the floor with 5th gear electic over drive that was my father's that he passed down to me. She has been sitting for probably a third of its life. There are many problems with her the clutch, steering rack, brakes, and many small things. We have most of the parts to fix her however there are some parts that we much buy direct from Volvo, Auto Zone, NAPA, ect. can not order them for us. If anyone know where I might be able to get some please let me know atl_bravesfan@hotmail.com, I would really like to get her back on the road. I have some spare working parts up for sale if you have that model Volvo let me know and I'll see what I have."

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